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• Unlimited productive fun
• Improves learning and fine motor skills
• Non toxic and completely safe for use by children
• Helps develop intelligence, imagination and creativity
• Recommended age: 4 years and up

The Peacock 2152-A Kinder Blocks Senior Train Set for kids is a very entertaining and educational toy. It will help little children to identify shapes, colours and sizes. Since this train set for children needs to be assembled, it is a great way for parents to spend quality time with their kids and encourage them to be creative. The train set for kids will help them to come up with imaginative ideas that will keep them entertained for hours together besides being an effective teaching tool.

The Peacock 2152-A Kinder Blocks Senior Train Set for kids has many advantages. It has 57 brightly coloured puzzle pieces that are lightweight and interlocking. It stimulates the child’s imagination and since it is easy to assemble, kids can take maximum advantage of the many options of building a whole range of trains of different sizes and colours. This train set for children from Peacock Toys is ideal for encouraging all-around development, especially when it comes to hand-eye coordination. Children will have the chance to try new ideas while building trolleys, the train driver’s cabin, the train tracks and even people.

The biggest plus of this beautifully crafted train set for kids is that it not only entertains them but keeps them engaged in using their creativity and imagination in doing train, station and train-track activities. The Peacock 2152-A Kinder Blocks Senior Train Set for kids is the ideal way to learn the important skill of performing tasks in a step-by-step manner. This toy gives children the opportunity to “show off” their creative skills while they work on their concentration and motor skills. This train set for kids from Peacock Toys is sure to keep your kid glued to his new toy and at the same time give him the invaluable lesson of developing motor skills and creativity.

* 57 interlocking, brightly coloured pieces
* Can be used to build stations, trains, tracks and more
* Can be assembled easily
* Non-toxic and safe
* Serves as a toy and as an educational tool

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Educational Objective

Aids child's ability to recognize colours, shapes and sizes. Develops intelligence, Imagination and creativity. Motor skill development. See more

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